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EcoH2o - Water Saving Tap

  • Aerator Technology mixes Oxygen With Water
  • Increases Your Water Pressure
  • Limits Water Consumption Substantially
  • Easy to Install, M22 & M24 Adapter Included

Have you ever wondered how much water you use? Not only is it a great cost for your wallet, but also for your planet. Fortunately, the startup company from Switzerland, EcoH2o, has created an incredible invention to help you and the planet save up to 75% in water costs.

  • Fits any standard tap
  • Includes adapters for M22 and M24 sizes, which should fit any tap in a common household

  • More water pressure, less water use
  • Thanks to the use of the latest "Aerator" technology, oxygen is mixed with water to create an even higher water pressure while reducing water usage by up to 75%

  • Extremely easy to install
  • Just unscrew the existing tap and screw the head of EcoH2o. Adapters are included!

  • Water filter included
  • In addition to saving water and increasing water pressure, this device also filters harmful particles from your water