Original Ionic Stone Refill Package


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Original Ionic Stone Refill Package

  • Additional Package of Energy Balls
  • Smoother Skin& Reduce Oil Secretion
  • Original ShowerSpa Replacement Stones
  • Ensure Highest Level of Water Purity

  • MORE POWER, LESS WATER, HUGE SAVINGS — Our water saving shower heads are designed for boosting the water pressure of your shower by up to 200%
  • SOFT, SPRING-LIKE WATER — Our new mixture of three types of mineralized Germanium stones will soften hard water, resulting in a natural spring-like quality. This significantly reduces water impurities and chlorine, which can damage hair and dry out skin. With these purifying effects, the ShowerSpa mineral shower head will help you restore pH balance to your hair and body.

3 Kinds of Mineral beads can remove the chlorine, soften and purify your shower water easily, make your skin and hair smoother and softer, revitalize your body and keep your oil glands in balance