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MoskiBlock - Keeps mosquitoes away without harmful chemicals, odours or fumes

  • Ultrasonic Frequency Mosquito Repellent Bracelet
  • Effectively Protects You From Mosquito Bites
  • Non Toxic, Unobstrusive Sound Wave Barrier Principle
  • Easy To Use and Stylish

Get MoskiBlock and protect your kids from mosquito bites naturally! This product is eco-friendly and works with ultrasonic technology that repels mosquitoes without using harmful chemicals or pesticides on your skin.

  • Modern Ultrasonic Technology
  • Ultrasonic MoskiBlock Works Effectively against Mosquitoes

  • It Is Safe and Non-Toxic to Human Body
  • Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Uses Ultrasonic to Ward Away Mosquitoes

  • Protects Your Kids from Mosquito Bites
  • Perfect for Kids, Especially in the Summer

  • Lightweight and Water Resistant
  • The Ultrasonic Bracelet Suits both Men and Women