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FrostX - Smart Defrost Plate

  • Defrost Any Frozen Food Quickly
  • Magical Defrost Without Energy or Chemicals
  • No Pre-Heating or Hot Water is Required
  • Environment Friendly & Dishwasher Safe

This Defrosting tray allows you to defrost frozen food up to 3X faster than at room temperature.

  • Your Perfect Defrosting Tray
  • Defrosting Any Frozen Meat, Fruits or Vegetables

  • Energy Efficient
  • No Chemicals, No Electricity, No Water Utilized During the Thawing Process.

  • Non-stick
  • This Nonstick Coated Defrosting Tray Makes It Easier to Remove Your Defrosted Steak, Chicken, or Other Food From the Surface.

  • Easy-to-clean and Time-saving
  • It's Recommended to Simply Hand-wash the Defrosting Tray