CarDoc FixIt


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CarDoc FixIt - Scratch Remover Cloth

  • Can Be Used Multiple Times!
  • Nano-polyester Fiber
  • Instantly and Safely Removes Scratches
  • Works Great on Any Paint Color

This scratch remover cloth will effectively buff the scratches off your car's paint. It also works great on furniture or other metallic surfaces as well.

  • Nanopowder technology
    The surface of the cloth is covered with nanopowder to get rid of the scratches once and for all.

  • Multiple-use
    You can use the cloth up to 15 times if you keep the cloth dry and sealed.

  • Wide range of applications
    The repair cloth is usable on cars, furniture or other surfaces that are prone to scratch.

  • Perfect size
    The size of the cloth is perfect for all kinds of minor scratches. It’s easy to carry as well.